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GEM Token


50% NFT staking:

Wallets that hold The Sacred Gem Collection will be able to stake the NFT for 5 years and receive passive income monthly through XDSea there will be a lockup period of 3 months before you can unlock the NFT to transfer or list.
Sacred Gems receive 2502 GEM monthly.
Rare Sacred Gem receive 7507 GEM monthly.
Legendary Sacred Gem receive 22,095 $GEM monthly.
Mythical Crystal receive 9469 $GEM Monthly.

25% NFT Airdrop:

Their will be a manual distribution of $GEM to The Sacred Gem Holders upon purchasing NFTs.
Sacred Gem receives 75,075 GEM.
Rare Sacred Gem receives 225,225 GEM.
Legendary Sacred Gem receives 946,969 GEM.

10% Liquidity:

We have reserved 33,333,333 GEM for DEX and CEX to ensure proper liquidity will be available to trade between various pairs and for potential yeild farming in the future to incentivize adding liquidity.

5% Marketing and Bounties

We have allocated 16,666,666 $GEM for marketing and promotional services as well as bounties for developers and those that complete tasks that are beneficial to the XDCrystal ecosystem.


We reserved 16,666,666 GEM to be split equally between the two founders

2.5% Staking & Holder Rewards

Diamond Hand Rewards: We have allocated 5,000,000 Gem plus an additional 1,225,354 for Holder rewards we will take a snapshot of all wallets excluding team and Wanchain wallet holding GEM on the XRPL on a random day of the month and rewards will be based on percentage of holdings of those wallets with a monthly pool of 102,112 GEM to be split between all eligible wallets at the end of each month, using Swiss tech airdrop tool.
Staking: We have allocated 5,000,000 Gem for single sided staking on the XDC Network the longer the lock up period the better returns you will get.

2.5% Partners

HealthBank DAO we allocated 3,333,333 $GEM to establish a trustline with HealthBank DAO to incentive rewards for their Move2Earn fitness application BlockFit.
Codex 3: We will allocate 3,333,333 GEM to Codex 3 in exchange for consulting and identification services it will be used to back their treasury and also be used as a reward for developers that participate in their hackathons.
Bibliomps: We have Allocated 3,333,333 GEM to The Zodiomp NFT collection which is a fractionalized XDC master node so holders will be able to support the xdc ecosystem while receiving GEM in addition to XBIBLX and XDC.

Buy Backs

Burn or Distribute: Any Gem coming back through buybacks can either be burned or distributed to Mythical Crystal NFT holders, through XDCrystals DAO.


We have partnered with Wanchain to give GEM token the ability to become a cross chain asset between the XRPL and the XDC network, utilizing their custom Bridge.

GEM Use Cases

XDCrystal Marketplace Dapp: GEM will be the main token used for our Marketplace dApp we are building that will allow users to exchange GEM, XDC, and partner tokens for crystals shipped to them.
xMoldavite: You will be able to exchange GEM for xMoldavite a real world tokenized crystal on the XDC network.
Health Credits: You will be able to exchange GEM for health credits on the HealthBank DAO ecosystem in order to stake for HEALTH tokens.
Supplement Discounts: When utilizing GEM to purchase supplements on Rnature Web3 store you will get a discount when using the GEM token for purchase.
GEM Faucet: We have utilized tippers faucet ( to distribute GEM to holders you must hold a minimum of 50k GEM and 10k of TPR to be eligible to claim drips daily at the following rates:
50k $GEM = 5 $GEM daily
100k $GEM = 10 $GEM daily
250k $GEM = 25 $GEM daily