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Legal Disclaimer

XDCrystals White Paper is for informational purposes only. Its purpose is limited to provide the necessary information to determine the project's direction and future objectives, to inform users who are interested, when spending money on blockchain technology and projects. As the project goes, We, XDCrystals, reserve the right to change or alter any information with these documents. Potential holders of XDCrystals NFT/token must understand and acknowledge the risks associated with blockchain technology along with the crypto landscape. We advise buyers to get a professional consultation before purchasing, just to make sure of risks of buying any token. Buying our token represents an understanding and willingness to accept the risks of spending money on blockchain technology. These risks include but are not limited to the following:

Policy Risk:

constantly changing politics and regulatory trends may lead to significant price volatility.

Transaction Risk:

The behavior of traders on the secondary market will always influence the price of XDCrystals. The secondary market for tokens that utilize blockchain technology has significant volatility, which may drastically affect the value of your XDCrystal token.

Technical Risk:

Blockchain technology is a rapidly developing technological field. This unique environment may lead to many unforeseen technological issues, challenges, but also disruptive trends, all of which may influence the value of the token.

Operational Risk:

All operations carry inherent risks on many factors, which may be caused by the illness of essential stakeholders, major strategic disagreements, breakdown of critical equipment at critical moments, and so forth. Operation risk may always influence the success of the project or the underlying value of the tokens.
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