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Metaverse & Gaming


MetaBloqs: XDCrystals will be utilizing Metabloqs for promotion and business as a digital crystal shop to purchase Sacred Gem Collection NFTs and digital crystals and jewelry in their metaverse.
Xspectar: XDCrystal has 10 plots of land and will be utilizing XSpectar metaverse for promotion and to sell digital crystals and jewelery in their metaverse.
XDCrystal Cave: We will be utilizing Bibliomps Metaverse (Biblioranus) starting with Spatial for the betaverse and will eventually transition into a standalone metaverse experience. In our Crystal Cave visitors will be able to enjoy an interactive and educational experience as you learn from our mascot Quartzy about the characteristics of many types of crystals and can interact with other crystal enthusiasts. If you own the Quartzy NFT you will be able to use that variation of Quartzy as an avatar to be utilized in the standalone experience after the betaverse period.


XDCrystals is a member of the XRPL gaming alliance and will be utilizing Quartzy NFTs as avatars on their games as well as the video games we will be creating.