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XDCrystals will be the first to tokenize one of the most scarce and powerful crystals in existence which is Moldavite. We will issue xMoldavite tokens using Yodaplus tokenization platform, where each token is equivalent to 1 gram of Moldavite, which will be omne of the backings of our treasury, in addition to XDC. Once our XMoldavite has grown sufficiently, we will allow transfers between GEM and XMoldavite.


We will be issuing a receipt (NFT) for proof of purchase for treasury, with size picture and where it was sourced in the metadata and this tokenized moldavite will be used as one of the backings for our treasury.


In order to make sure the Moldavite is secure we will be investing in a warehouse with 24/7 monotiring and tempature controls. For a fee you will be able to see the moldavite treasury either in person or via zoom.


We will do Quarterly audits and reports with how much moldavite is in the treasury and anyone can put in the transaction hash of the XMoldavite to get more info about that Moldavite when Moldavite treasury has grown sufficiently we will open it up so XMoldavite can be exchanged for GEM