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Mythical Crystal Collection

Exclusive collection of 44 NFTs that can only be received by purchasing all 3 tiers of The Sacred Gem Collection or by secondary sales. All Mythical Crystal NFT holders will receive the following benefits

Monthly Staking:

Staking for 9469 GEM monthly, when locked up for 3 months.

Profit Sharing:

10% of Share (Dividend contract) from Crystal Marketplace dApp.
10% Net profits from the Crystal Marketplace shop will go to Mythical crystal holders.


If you are holding a Mythical Crystal NFT, you will be able to submit proposals and vote via governance for the benefit of the XDCrystals ecosystem on XDCrystals DAO.

Exclusive airdrops:

The first airdrop will be for our Quartzy NFT collection and we are planning for more airdrops exclusively for Mythical Crystal holders.